Our Products

Strong. Beautiful. Sustainable.

Why Overly Products

Overly Manufacturing combines the most advanced technology and custom products with a powerful workforce of expert engineers, project managers and master craftsmen. Our specialized products are subjected to rigorous testing, including scaled-model testing. Built for strength, beauty and sustainability, our products evolve through the decades. Our metal capabilities continue to advance and compliment the intricate designs of today. Worldwide and close to home, Overly's products and designs are unmatched in the industry and we have 135 years of experience and countless exquisite projects around the world to prove it.

Metal Roof Systems


An innovative, patented, flat seam roofing system that offers a smooth contemporary design.

Bermuda XP™

Offers a stunning design created by panel depths and shadows.

Batten Seam

Time tested, the Overly batten systems are the signature metal roof systems in the industry.

Metal Wall Panel Systems


DXP is a interlocking dry joint metal panel capable of providing a canvas of depths, textures, and patterns.


RXP is a highly engineered, fully customizeable, hook and pin mounted, D/BV rainscreen plate panel system


The Overly FLP™ is a flat overlapping tile or shingle panel.

Wet Joint System

This custom metal panel system is based on wet joint detailing.


Custom screenwall designs using perforated and solid plate metals.

Custom Metal Fabrications


Custom dome fabrication to include free-standing domes, segmented domes, onion-skin dome, etc.

Steeples, Spires & Cupolas

Custom fabricated metal steeples, spires, and cupolas offered in a variety of metals and finishes.

Crosses & Finials

Overly has a long history with design and fabrication of crosses, finials, and other religeous symbols.

Beam & Column Enclosures

Custom fabricated column covers for wrapping structural beams and columns.

Misc. Metals

Misc. custom metal fabrications such as curtain wall metals, decorative storefronts, cornices, copings, and ceilings.