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Overly developed and patented the first metal batten system, the Overly Goodwin Batten in the early 1940s.  Three different profiles now anchor the Overly product line and have provided thousands of world structures with an elegant metal panel solution for protection against the elements.

  • Batten A™
  • Batten B™
  • Batten C™

All three types are custom architectural systems that feature Overly's signature continuous internal drain channel.  Classified as raised batten systems, each can be used on straight slopes, barrel vaults, and domes requiring tapered and or curved panels in either concave or convex styles as well as complex surfaces with unique geometry. 

Overly also offers designers the opportunity to integrate custom ornamental battens that secure to and or over the standard system extrusion.  This element offers a bold expression to already architecturally pleasuring system.

Panels are available in an array of metals and finishes including:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc
  • Titanium

The Overly batten systems are offered with an industry leading 30 Year Limited Performance Warranty.

We provide free cost estimates and detailed quotations. Our engineering deliverables include shop drawings, anchor details, and wind load calculations. We can fully engineer our materials to local codes with a engineer registered and licensed in your state.

Contact Overly for more information on how this system can be applied to a vertical surface.

Support Documents

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