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Wet Joint System

About Wet Joint System


Overly offer custom architectural metal panel systems that are available in a variety of metal types and finishes.  These panel systems can be used of walls, soffits, ceiling, and beam & column enclosures and comform to numerous geometric surfaces.

Panels are folded down 90 degrees with anchor clips attached to each flange.  Reveals are sealed with backer rod and silicone sealant and/or receive extruded silicone gasketing.  The Overly clip-seam method of attachment is non-sequenced to allow for select panel removel when needed.

Facade Attachment Solutions:

The system components can integrate with several engineered, tested, and warranted façade attachment solutions that meet and exceed the ASHRAE 90.1, 2010 standard regarding thermal bridging.   Overly can provide a complete system upon request.


Support Documents

WSMP Data Sheet - PDF
WSMP Guide Spec - DOC
WSMP Details - DWG
WSMP Details - PDF